That Rainy Night, when I met You

That Rainy Night, when I met You…


Darkness mounting into the mood too soon,
Holdeth me apart little after noon,
May not realize in dreams of faults,
Errors skipping minds slow by the mount…

Of wonder, lust stands no far,
Downright precious into the shore of mar,
What is it—two blunt shoddy affairs,
Not once the mind rests in peaceful despair…

Oh, so beyond the horizon of loving kiss,
May not stand in the world of glitter and bliss,
For no reason lies in the bed of glitch,
Lying there—motionless, at peace unflinching crusts of stern oblique…

Motions blossoming stems of lunacy,
Catching straws once in this nadir galaxy,
Eyes drippy into the gooey fans of barbarity,
Still and sound, unmoved by the sounds of novelty…

For one moment is too far from now,
Up and wayward, tranquility dreaded echoing the wow,
Not once looking back to the soul blabbering tears of ounce,
Dripped and drowned, cascaded into blending this frown…

Eyelids sleepy into the hells of muddled paradise,
That sheen glowing into layers of ornamented merchandise,
Closest to ecstasy of Nature’s chastity,
Mind ceases into empty vessels of silent sanity…

Clear as the sparkles underneath Yamani,
How blessed to be in the lap of divine morbidity,
Misery, the sweet dish of dining decoration,
Heaven, the actuality of mind’s purple vision…


Yet, darkness mounted into the mood too soon,
Holding me apart little after noon…
That rainy night—when I met you.

Image credit–PSD Collector/Exdigecko and Wallpaperstock


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