Epic – A Grand Epic of Mother Nature (2013)


Released in the US on May 24, 2013, EPIC is a visual stunner with a seamless elaboration of the epic beauties of ecology—cinematizing Mother Nature at the height of its grandeur and reiterating our part as one with Nature and not isolated away from the all-embracing body. Loosely based on The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs by writer William Joyce, director Christ Wedge brings forth an animated adventure comedy with the hearty message of the dangers surrounding ecology and the consequent aftermath, if humans do not intervene in protecting what they are part of and what they are, most certainly. From the perspective of computer-generated animation movies, Epic is truly epic; rarely has Mother Nature’s green portions appeared so majestic and illustrious in the history of animated cinema.

Epic stands on the boots of a typical teenager, Mary Katherine aka MK (Amanda Seyfried)—in the all so typical format of recovering from the loss of a parent and voyaging into a new relationship with the remaining, eccentric parent—caught in a different world. In such a world, that she or anybody was unaware of, and a dimension unknown to humankind until MK found herself amidst a rivalry between Nature’s nurturers and Nature’s plague.


With one but all-pervading task assigned to MK by the dying Queen Tara (Beyonce Knowles), MK has now a mission to save the forests and the world with the help of forest militia led by Ronin (Colin Farrell)—the love interest of the luminous Queen Tara and the Chief of the Leaf Men force. Joined by Ronin’s protégé Nod (Josh Hutcherson) and an assembled crew of a Mub (Aziz Ansari), Grub (Chris O’Dowd), Nim Gallu (Steven Tyler) on the side of Nature, whilst a faction led by Mandrake (Christopher Waltz) and his son Dagda (Blake Anderson), the Boggans remain intent in destroying Earth with rot and everything lifeless. The scenario is that of a typical good vs. bad—noble vs. evil.

Decoding the message of Epic, the movie is a grand presentation of the state of our planet, Queen Tara could be the symbolic representation here and she’s all deceased—handing over the heritage to a new world, fresh and alive again. The roles humans play in this epic of Epic remain the predominant, yet it also suggests that without human cooperation and realization, our planet would soon decay and become lifeless unless humans realize their part as one with Nature. The whole movie is one colossal concoction of metaphor and simile. The metaphor that humans and everything beyond—need to share a complimentary relationship and work with one another, and a simile that Wedge and his team try to enforce through this wonderful experience of MK, Ronin, Nod, and co with the aid of sensational animation and graphics. It is no surprise that chief antagonist of this visual brilliance is indeed MAN-Drake.


Epic movie encompasses life’s typicality and uses the same old material—only with a sanguine presentation and a heart touching message. For the younger audience, Epic would provide an extravagant journey and one omnipotent message, whilst for the adults; the computer-generated animations would thrill them with the portrayal of Beauty and the Beast in a new bottle. Mother Nature would so be proud of Epic for it shows why Mother Nature is. For the world in a path of destruction, Epic serves, also, as a reminder that we work for each other and are not alone unless and until we realize our Mother’s reason for being.


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